HAProxy Orb

HAPROXYConf Presentation

Building a Global PoP Network Using HAProxy

November 13th (Wednesday) \ Session 4 \ Main stage

This presentation will describe the challenges, benefits and overwhelming success of deploying a PoP network using HAProxy. You will learn how Stadia Maps uses HAProxy to increase and track performance, ensure reliability and uptime, and enforce authentication and authorization for our mapping services. Specific topics covered will be replacing active authentication with ACLs, using HAProxy’s syslog output to track usage and enforce quotas, using SRV records to route (and reroute) traffic, and the challenges encountered running an IP failover-based setup at scale.


Luke Seelenbinder

Founder Stadia Maps

Luke finds joy in creating beautiful, usable products to solve significant problems using simple technical solutions. He cofounded Stadia Maps, a location data startup and is partner at Funktional, a boutique software development company. When not building the next great thing, you’ll probably find Luke enjoying a cappuccino or hiking the next Alpine summit.

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