HAProxy Orb

HAPROXYConf Presentation

HAProxy Go Packages Ecosystem

November 12th (Tuesday) \ Session 3 \ Main stage

This presentation will describe how Go and other developers can integrate with HAProxy via the HAProxy Data Plane API and it’s packages. We will explain the motivation behind this new product and provide an overview of how we used the OpenAPI specification, including how models and server stubs are generated using go-swagger. We will delve deeper with describing client-native and config-parser packages and explain how and when to use them, by showing how we use them in our HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller. We will also briefly touch on how you can contribute to these projects.


Marko Juraga

Software Developer HAProxy Technologies

Marko is a software developer at HAProxy Technologies currently focused on Go, working on projects like HAProxy Data Plane API, Kubernetes Ingress Controller and other go projects surrounding the HAProxy.