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HAPROXYConf Presentation

HAProxyConf Keynote

November 12th (Tuesday) \ Morning Keynote \ Main stage

This year, HAProxy reached a significant milestone: the release of a new, major version, 2.0! Many changes have been stirring up the realm of high availability, including the rise of containerized and cloud-native applications, Kubernetes, and heightened awareness about security threats. The community has worked hard to add features that enhance HAProxy for even more use cases. Willy Tarreau, HAProxy community leader, and Daniel Corbett, Director of Product at HAProxy Technologies, will update attendees about recent product changes and show recognition to major contributors. They will describe what’s coming up on the product roadmap and give an overview of exciting additions to the HAProxy suite including the HAProxy Data Plane API and the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller.


Willy Tarreau

Lead Developer HAProxy

Daniel Corbett

Director of Product HAProxy Technologies