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HAPROXYConf Presentation

How HAProxy Helped Me Get "Near Perfect" Uptime While Slashing Support Costs

November 13th (Wednesday) \ Session 3 \ Main stage

PlaceWise Digital is the leading provider of digital services to the shopping center industry, delivering over 200 million digital engagements annually to over 800 shopping center clients throughout North America. In the US alone, the company possesses a nearly 50% market share, yet our infrastructure team is just one: me. In this talk, I’m going to share my experiences using HAProxy to meet the demands of serving millions of visitors on Black Friday, dealing with applications that can’t be clustered, and other technical challenges that we faced and overcame to build a robust and scalable platform. Key takeaways will be how the power of HAProxy drove innovation across the development team, how I built systems and processes without developer resources to address pressing business needs, and how I increased performance and scalability of a mostly single-threaded, legacy system.


Eric Martinson

Director of Technology PlaceWise Digital