HAProxy Orb

HAPROXYConf Presentation

Load Balancers at DigitalOcean

November 13th (Wednesday) \ Session 4 \ Main stage

HAProxy is a critical component of DigitalOcean’s load balancer solution; here is an exciting opportunity to see how they are put together under the hood! We will outline how our load balancers are currently built, and some detail of how we leverage HAProxy in our environment. We’ll also discuss some scaling challenges we’ve encountered in the face of rapid adoption and growth, and how we are evolving the architecture to meet the growing needs of our user base. This will give you a chance to look at how load balancers operate in a public cloud environment, and how we utilize HAProxy at DigitalOcean.


Neal Shrader

Software Engineer DigitalOcean

Neal Shrader has been building and scaling DigitalOcean’s platform for the past 7 years - growing from a company of 8 to the 500+ of today. Neal architected the evolution of SDN on the platform, enabling functionality such as Cloud Firewall, Floating IP, and VPC. He’s passionate about enabling and outpacing rapid growth, and finds great satisfaction in the intersection of organizational and technical challenges at scale. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Neal is a father to a 6 year old boy named Lucas, and enjoys running in his spare time.