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HAPROXYConf Presentation

Moving Yammer to the Cloud: Building a Scalable and Secure Service Mesh with HAProxy

November 12th (Tuesday) \ Session 3 \ Main stage

Yammer is a social networking tool built into Microsoft 365 to openly engage and connect across your organization. Yammer has been a long-time user of HAProxy to load balance its application stack. When we moved to Microsoft Azure, we transitioned to a design that relies heavily on container orchestration. We wanted to build a robust, performant and scalable service mesh that would provide us the necessary tooling and features to flourish in Azure. Convinced that client-side load balancing was the way to go, we started off on a journey to adapt HAProxy for the task. In this talk, I will describe that journey, the challenges, and the successes we’ve had in building our client-side load balancing solution.


Tobias Haag

Software Engineer Lead Yammer at Microsoft

Born in Germany, Tobias moved to Scotland for his Computer Science degree in 2006 where he graduated in 2012 and joined OneDrum as a Junior Software Engineer. Subsequently OneDrum got acquired by Yammer which in turn got acquired by Microsoft early 2012. Tobias continued his work as a Software Engineer on full stack Java micro services and in 2013 switched to infrastructure work to focus on datacenter automation. Since 2015 he is leading the technical efforts of Yammer’s Compute team as an expert in container orchestration, cloud platform service architecture and networking infrastructure.